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Neil Roberts and Leif Bakken have decided to create a season (preseason to playoffs) long podcast titled The Purple Pillage Podcast. The Purple Pillage is a seven minute, weekly podcast. The topics include players, coaches, and games about the Minnesota Vikings. Neil and Leif dive into each week with a recap of the previous game, player of the week, and a look ahead at the upcoming matchup. It is a look at the Minnesota Vikings from their perspective.

Purple Pillage Episode 30: In this season finale episode of the Purple Pillage, Leif and Neil recap Super Bowl 52 and the offense heavy game they witnessed. The Purple Pillage hosts also recall some of their favorite moments of the Minnesota Vikings this season. Thank you all for the support for the 2017-2018 season!

Purple Pillage Episode 29: The post season for the Vikings is already bringing some changes. Minnesota's former offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur is settling in with Giants and the Vikings are expected to choose a new OC this week. In Pro-Bowl news Minnesota players Adam Thielen and Harrison Smith both had scoring plays. Next week will be the Purple Pillage's final episode recapping Super Bowl 52.

Purple Pillage Episode 28: Following the Minneapolis Miracle the Vikings fell short in the NFC Championship game against the Eagles. Minnesota's defense couldn't keep up with the red hot Philly offense as the Eagles move on to the Superbowl against the Patriots. Leif and Neil recap the Vikings' final game and discuss free agency and what it could mean for some Minnesota players.

Purple Pillage Episode 27: Minnesota fans are recovering from the scare the Vikings gave them during the playoff matchup against the Saints. Keenum and Diggs connected for what's being called the Minneapolis Miracle and came out with the last second win. The Vikings will be heading to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles in the NFC Championship game.

Purple Pillage Episode 26: As the Vikings have their bye week during the first round of playoff games, the rest of the NFC teams faced off setting the matchup for next week. The Saints will be returning to U.S. Bank Stadium during the second round of playoff games. With the home field advantage Minnesota is favored by four points.

Purple Pillage Episode 25: The Vikings are wrapping up the regular season with a win against Chicago and earning a first round bye in the playoffs. Minnesota ended the regular season as one of four teams going 13-3. Leif and Neil discuss their players of the 2017 regular season.

Purple Pillage Episode 24: Handing the Packers their first ever shut out in Lambeau, the Minnesota defense stepped up and made big plays against Green Bay. Harrison Smith leading the defense this game with two interceptions and Stefon Diggs coming up with the only touchdown on the offensive side of the ball. Next up for the final game of the regular season, the Vikings will be hosting the Chicago Bears.

Purple Pillage Episode 23: Leif and Chris recap the big win over the Bengals at home. This win clinched the NFC North championship title for the Vikings. The defense and offense both put together a great game which allowed Teddy Bridgewater to return to the field for his first time since his injury. The next matchup is their final road game of the regular season against the Green Bay Packers who will be without their starting quarterback.

Purple Pillage Episode 22: The Vikings' win streak comes to an end in North Carolina. The defensive side of the ball could not hold the Panthers and they allowed 31 points by the opposing team. A tough loss but the Vikings look ahead to a favorable home matchup against the Bengals.

Purple Pillage Episode 21: With the defeat of the Atlanta Falcons on the road, the Vikings become one of the four NFL teams with a 10-2 record going into week 14. The Vikings defense held the Falcons to only three field goals while Atlanta's defense gave up two touchdowns. The next matchup for Minnesota is another tough road faceoff. The Panthers will be hosting the Vikings after coming off a tough loss to the Saints.

Purple Pillage Episode 20: The second meeting between the Vikings and the Lions went differently than the first time they met earlier this year. On Thanksgiving Day Minnesota's offense put up big numbers and scored 30 while the defense held the Lions to 23. Kyle Rudolph had a big game and brought in two touchdown receptions. The Vikings are on the road the next two weeks facing the Atlanta Falcons first then traveling to North Carolina to take on the Panthers.

Purple Pillage Episode 19: Recording live from U.S. Bank Stadium immediately after the win over the Rams, Leif and Neil get a couple soundbites from the Vikings players. Jarius Wright has great things to say about Case Keenum and his attitude toward the game. Anthony Harris also speaks about his huge forced fumble and recovery on the one yard line. Minnesota heads to Detroit for the famous Thanksgiving matchup.

Purple Pillage Episode 18: Case Keenum took over the #1 spot for QB after Bradford was injured weeks ago and finally put on the IR. Keenum threw four touchdowns in the win over the Redskins. Both sides of the ball performed well and extended the Vikings' win streak to five. The Vikings will host the Rams, another 7-2 team, at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Purple Pillage Episode 17: Quarterbacks are among the top discussion in Minnesota. Leif and Neil ponder what is upcoming for Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Bradford. Finishing up the bye week, the NFC North leaders will be heading to Washington D.C. to take on the Redskins.

Purple Pillage Episode 16: The first half against the Cleveland Browns in London didn't look too great. The Minnesota defense stepped it up in the second half and the offense used that momentum to get the ball to the endzone. The Vikings head into their bye week with a great record of 6-2.

Purple Pillage Episode 15: The Vikings win their third game in a row with a lot of help from the defensive side of the ball. Five sacks and twelve tackles for a loss were a huge factor in this win over the Baltimore Ravens. The Vikings take on the Cleveland Browns across the pond in London next Sunday.

Purple Pillage Episode 14: Coming off a big win in Chicago the Vikings used that momentum to defeat the Green Bay Packers at home in the U.S. Bank Stadium. Vikings players put up good numbers to boost fans moral after a string of injuries looked to slow them down. Now the Vikings host the Ravens in what looks to be a good few games coming in the Minnesota future.

Purple Pillage Episode 13: A huge road win against the Chicago Bears on Monday night sets the stage for next week's matchup. The Vikings will be hosting the top team in the NFC North, the Green Bay Packers. As injuries plague the Vikings, there are still players they can rely on to keep them pillaging on.

Purple Pillage Episode 12: A tough loss to the Detroit Lions for the Vikings while at home is one of the huge losses this week. The Vikings will have to adjust without rookie running back Dalvin Cook as they prepare for an away game against the Bears in Chicago.

Purple Pillage Episode 11: Week three saw a big win over the Buccaneers at home for the Vikings. Leif and Neil touch on how some Vikings players are getting national recognition for their season so far. They preview next week's matchup against the NFC North rival, the Detroit Lions.

Purple Pillage Episode 10: The Vikings offensive line struggles against the Steelers along with tough defense that couldn't quite get the job done in the Sunday loss are among the topics discussed this week with Leif and Neil. Tampa Bay comes to Minnesota as they look ahead for next weeks game. Dedicated listeners weigh in on the situation and so can you by emailing

Purple Pillage Episode 9: Leif and Neil talk about the season opening win against the New Orleans Saints as the Vikings put up big numbers at home. They also discuss the Vikings taking this energy to Pittsburgh to take on the Steelers in week two.

Purple Pillage Episode 8: Leif and Neil talk about the final preseason game against the Miami Dolphins along with the shake up that team cuts have made. They also preview the season opener against the New Orleans Saints in Monday Night Football.

Purple Pillage Episode 7: Leif and Neil discuss the tight win over the 49ers in the third preseason game. The 1st team offense and defense could still see some big changes even going into the final preseason game against Miami.

Purple Pillage Episode 6: This week Leif and Neil racap the game against Seattle and how the 53-man roster could be changing in a big way for the defensive line. Neil talks about what he looks forward to in the game against San Francisco 49ers as the offense continues to improve.

Purple Pillage Episode 5: Leif and Neil talk about the Vikings preseason signings. They also look back at the first preseason game against the Buffalo Bills and how to move forward from here.

Purple Pillage Episode 4: Leif and Neil return home from their trip to the final Minnesota Vikings' training camp in Mankato, Minnesota. They talk about Mankato's final stand and they go in depth on who they want to watch for the running back and wide receiver situation going into the preseason.

Purple Pillage Episode 3: Leif and Neil sit down at the Boulder Tap House in Mankato during the players' day off from training camp. After taking in a few days of the Minnesota Vikings' training camp they discuss players to watch and who to look out for coming into preseason.

Purple Pillage Episode 2: Leif Bakken and Neil Roberts switch over to the defensive side of the ball and talk what new and old faces will be with the Vikings leading up to the preseason.

Purple Pillage Episode 1: The pilot episode takes off with Leif Bakken and Neil Roberts discussing a preseason look at the new faces of the Vikings offense.

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